August 16, 2016

Construction gets underway of nhow Amsterdam RAI hotel

Pleijsier Bouw, the Nijkerk-based contractor responsible for building the hotel for developer COD, will start setting up the construction site on 1 September by placing trailers and fencing. Immediately afterwards the company will begin driving in the sheet piling for the construction pit, which will cause a certain amount of noise and vibrations. The activities will start on or around 5 September and run until approximately mid-October.

While the sheet piling is being placed, the foundation piles will also be installed. The chosen construction method is vibration-free and low-noise. These activities will start on or around 19 September and last until February 2017.

Working hours
The construction site will be operable on week days between 07.00 and 19.00. Should it be necessary to perform activities at other times, you will be informed in due course. The activities will normally continue until 16.00.

Diversion for cyclists and pedestrians
As part of the sheet piling is being placed near the cycling/pedestrian routes, cyclists and pedestrians will be diverted via yellow signs. 

Contractor Pleijsier Bouw will inform you of the activities and any anticipated issues during the construction process. If you have questions, contact Pleijsier Bouw Nijkerk via +31 33 245 1356 or For questions to the council, please contact neighbourhood coordinator Jeroen van der Linden on +31 612 345 105 or

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